To attain our goals we set the following objectives:

To create for employees and our partners conditions for comfortable life, to give the feeling of safety, security and confidence in the future, to develop manufacture of products for healthy eating, to open up opportunities for enjoying self-realization in work and positive emotions in leisure.

  • Creation of in-house manufacture of ecologically clean food products, attraction of private farming enterprises, opening a network of boutiques and brand-name cafes of healthy nutrition with pure food.
  • Development of medical line to support our own health and health of our relatives.
  • Creation of in-house security service, providing legal defense and physical security of employees and citizens of our state. Creation of vigilante groups to maintain order on the streets of the town.
  • Raise the sense of love for the Motherland among employees of the Holding. Improve quality of manufactured products and rendered services in order employees of the Holding could feel the sense of pride of their work.
  • Creation of in-house recreation and active leisure centers, as well as conditions removing psychological and physical fatigue.
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