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«Afanasy» has established itself as a talent foundry in Tver labour market. A lot of currently successful managers of large companies in Tver had working experience in this brewery. The fact is that the company sets the bar high for its personnel. Working in our company supposes the necessity to work effectively, to achieve the result, to offer forward new proposals and to be proactive. We highly appreciate dedication to the company ideas. Such conditions create a favorable environment for the staff to improve their personal and professional skills. By the way, most of the present superiors of the holding company have grown in this very company from ordinary employees.

The basis of our personnel policy is the following:

– careful staff recruitment;
– efficient system of new employees training (tutorship);
– clear incentive system, encouraging total efficiency work;
– annual appraisal system;
– effective structure splitting both into geographic and project approach;
– regular trainings;
– the staff rotation system.

The most important feature of the company is the possibility for talented people with proactive approach to make as much money as they can without any wage-ceiling limit. Every one has an opportunity to raise his wages. In order to get this, one needs to actively participate in planning and setting his working tasks, in the development of the motivations ways and the discussion of the performance appraisal.

If you consider yourself to be a person whose internal necessity is personal enhancement and moving forward, then we have the same way. The bundle of knowledge and skills gained in the company will always stay with you, having increased your value both in the company and in the labour market.