Колбаски для жарки

Frying sausages

Packaging: tray, modified atmosphere packaging

Ingredients: pork, beef, drinking water, bacon fat, onion, kosher salt, spice mix (black pepper, coriander, ginger), dextrose, antioxidants (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate), animal protein. Nutritional vegetable fibers (Vitazel VF 200), freshly peeled garlic, aroma and flavor enhancer - sodium glutamate, spices (garlic, ginger), flavorings (chicken egg, meat matsis)

Net WT:  400 g

Shelf life: 7 days

Nutrition value (fet/ protein): 24,0/12,0 g

Energy Value: 1092 kJ/264 kcal

Specs 10.13.14.-291-70947103


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