«Квас Старомонастырский»

Old Monastery Kvass

Deep in the woods on the Seliger’s shore there is an Old Monastery, where monks brewed kvass, using holy water. 1901 the Recipe was given to the brewery “Tverskaya Bavaria”. In recognition of this gift Charity Fund named after St. Afanasy was founded. From every bottle we deliver 1 Ruble for church constructions.

Benefits of Old Monastery Kvass:

  1. Natural taste of original kvass flavor.

  2. Bottled in a glass with perfect shelf life.

  3. Can be kept not only in a fridge, but also on a shelf. 

Galss Bottles

Vol.: 1,5 l

Alc.: max 1,2%

Ingredients: drinking water, sugar,   kvass wort (rye flour, rye malt), acidity regulator (lactic acid, acetic acid), bakery yeast.

Nutrition: carbohydrate – 6,4g/100g

Energy Value: 121 kJ/29kcal

Shelf life: 120 Days

All-Union Standard 31494