Information for partners

From this section you will get to know the advantages of working with us and obtain contact information of our sales department.

We strive to create quality products only, which can be come across not very often at our market. Currently, alongside with a wide range of beer (in our company you can find beer to suit any taste – from the most popular "Zhigulevskoe" beer to elite live unfiltered beer "Zhivoe nefiltrovanoe" in glass bottles), we also produce and sell kvass and drinking water. To create our own unique offer we are geared to buyer\'s requests and new market trends. It is worth mentioning, that alongside with "Afanasy" trade mark we produce products under the house brands of some large trading networks.

Collaboration with us gives you the following advantages:

  • Timely availability and supply of a wide range of goods at effective prices on terms that are beneficial for you!

  • All products are delivered directly to your shops at our expense!

  • Possibility to return overdue products in the amount of 5% from the ordered volume!

  • Delay in payment up to 15 calendar days!

  • Possibility to install our branded equipment in your shops – refrigerators of various capacity and roll bars to sell draft beer!

  • Possibility to conduct promotion campaigns in your sales points using our branded advertising materials (banners, lightboxes, etc.).

If you wish to become our client - you are welcome!

You may contact specialists of our sales departments any time!

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