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Golden medal at the contest "St.Petersburg beer auction-96"  


Winner of the taster contest at the exhibition "Bahusexpo-99" in the category "Beer" with the award of the golden medal



Golden Medal
All-Russia scientific and industrial forum "Rossiya Edinaya - 2004" (United Russia 2004) 


Golden Medal
VIII International professional contest of beer, soft drinks and mineral waters



For success in economic development. Issued to Vladislav Larin. "Birmingham Torch Award" 1995


Prize winner of the program "100 of the best goods of Russia"  



Certificate of quality. "AQUARIUS EARTHMAKER LIMITED" 1996


Golden Medal
Big Moscow festival of beer 1999 



Diploma of the 1st degree for high consumer properties 



Bronze medal.
Prodexpo 2007



Golden medal for high consumer properties of goods.



1st place in degustation contest in the nomination of alcohol drinks. Beer "Afanasy Nefiltrovannoe"