Dear friends!
Have you ever seen how a genuine LIVE beer is brewed?
Do you know that beer can really be a tasty and healthful product, if it comes from our brewery, the Tver brewing plant ("Afanasy" holding)?
Within the scope of a virtual excursion you will have an opportunity to have a look at beer brewing technologies, to visit the main production shops and to make sure that the beer, produced at the Tver brewing plant, is currently one of the best brewing samples!



"Afanasy" holding of the Tver city  is one of few really independent Russian enterprises. "Afanasy" works, keeps and holds up the best traditions of Russian foodstuffs manufacturing. "Afanasy" is the mark of Russian original quality, a symbol of adherence and commitment to the business, the city and the country. 

Today our clients comprise thousands of sales outlets throughout Russia: more than 1700 points of sale in Tver and Tver region, 2500 points of sale in Moscow and Moscow region, 1300 of regional points of sale.

From year to year "Afanasy" gladly presents new and various products to its customers.

The enterprise takes care of its employees, clients and consumers. We pay great attention to production processes modernization as new equipment allows saving time and pains, turning out products according to the modern quality standards. It is impossible to overestimate the role of technological equipment in production because it is its technical perfection that defines technical effectiveness and economical efficiency of any technology.

An innovative management system was implemented at the enterprise that made all management and production processes of the holding highly effective.


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