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In today’s world, where shops and supermarkets are full of greenhouse vegetables and long-term goods, it is difficult to find a really healthy product of high quality.

Namely this «hunger» will be satisfied by products under the trade mark “MacLarin”, which take first positions in the sphere of the manufacturing techniques, treatment and packaging, in order to keep the maximum healthy characteristics for your and your children’s health.

Our goals are a healthy nation and a healthy way of life. At last “MacLarin” products made it really possible! Milk, berry juice, fish and many other products will help you to keep your health, to feel yourself perfectly and to eat tasty food!

“Ecomilk “Lesnaya Ferma”, glass, 0,5 l.

Лесная ферма

The secret of our milk flavor lies in the care of nutrition of our cows that live in natural conditions and eat forest grass. Our highly qualified specialists who had internship inFlorencetake a careful look after the cows, and their food is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the European Union to the Italian farmers.

Our herds are regularly subjected to veterinary control. All the milk “Lesnaya Ferma” undergoes checking on leukocytes and inhibiting antibiotics. Control of the absence of phosphatase, mycotoxins and pesticides ensures sustainability of our product. The accredited laboratory “TverTest” guarantees the quality of milk.

Shelf life of the natural product is 7 days.

We monitor quality and take care of your health!

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