At all times beer in Russia was considered to be the symbol of well-being, celebration and welfare. The job of brewer was always of the same rank as the profession of grain-grower. Our brewers are people that devoted their lives to their favourite job. Four of our eight brewers have been working at our brewing plant for more than 20 years!

Brewing of beer is a wonderful and delicate workmanship. The beer is a capricious drink in fact. Its taste depends on any trifle. The work of brewer is very finicky. It demands high professionalism, commitment and discipline. Our brewers stand out for such qualities of character as scrupulousness, pedantry, responsibility and moderation. Moreover, love of the job is of prime importance to any brewer. Our technologists are outstanding for the interest to the process of beer brewing, to all possible finest details that can be considered mere trifles. Every of our brewers puts a piece of his soul into the job. It is not a overstatement to say that they are real wizards of taste.

Zabotina Tatyana Aleksandrovna,
Production Director
Has been working at "Afanasy" since 1977.

Elik Aleksandra Ivanovna,
Chief Foreman of Beer Brewing Department
Has been working at "Afanasy" since 1976.

Golovko Larisa Ivanovna,
Head of Malt Elevator Department
Has been working at "Afanasy" since 1981.

Burmistrova Vera Nikolaevna,
Bottling Shop Foreman
Has been working at "Afanasy" since 1989.

Semenov Dmitry Petrovich,
Brewer Technologist
Has been working at "Afanasy" since 1997.

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