Here are some touches to the portrait of “Afanasy” specialist: average age – 36 years, higher professional education, willingness to constant learning of new working methods and techniques.

The plant works round the clock, and the life rhythm is quite tough here. The work is difficult, but interesting. High requirements are specified for the specialists: quick response to the market changes, fighting for the consumer, ability to adapt to frequent changes of the production structure and the responsibilities. And at the same time, the existing way of personal contribution estimation helps to reveal and encourage proactive employees willing to grow professionally.

Skill grows out of experience based on knowledge, and every year nearly 150 employers improve their qualification through various training programs. High technologies, the newest equipment, total computerization – it’s difficult now to imagine “Afanasy-Pivo” without all of it. However there still work at the company such specialists, who can tell you how Tver beer was brewed 20 or even 30 years ago… More than a quarter of the century Tatiana Aleksandrovna Zabotina has worked at this plat and grew from a foreman in the house to the chief technologist-brewer. She is a co-author of many popular sorts of “Afanasy” beer. Such specialists have invaluable knowledge and experience. And young ambitious specialists who have joined the company have strong desire to adopt experience and to do everything possible and impossible. Thusthereisasuccessionofgenerations. People make business, and, it means that the main capital of a company is its personnel. Our company management adheres to this opinion. That is why our company cares about the employees.

The brewery plant personnel have the following nice additions to the social package. There is a sauna at the company, a training room, there are classes in aerobics and shaping. Moreover, any employee can learn to play musical instruments. The employees of the plant have a possibility to get to work by the company bus.

Also adequate nutrition is arranged here. There is a canteen here and a lunchroom. And the prices there are much lower than in the city. There’s also a plant well-equipped polyclinics. The most valuable specialists who have worked for many years in the company are always presented with generous gifts on their birthdays and anniversaries, not mentioning regular additional bonuses Tver plant “Afanasy” – is a strong company, where the personnel are protected by the Labour Code and provided with additional internal social guarantees.

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